Weight Watchers French Commercial 2011

Artist: Brigitte Bardot
Song: Tu veux ou tu veux pas

Tu veux ou tu veux pas - The Best of Bardot

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Weight Watchers Commercial Description

2011 Weight Watchers Commercial shows closeup shots of women’s mouths. They eat various things and put various things in their mouths or eating such things as lettuce, a sucker, a cookie, feather, fish, pill, french fry, cabbage, gummy worm, chicken leg, and bubble gum.

Oh man, I love this commercial. First of all, I didn’t know that there was a Weight Watchers in France. I assumed all French women were skinny. Seriously though, commercials like this one are why I made this website. I think that they should play this EXACT Weight Watchers commercial in the United States.

Song Lyrics Used

Tu veux ou tu veux pas
Tu veux c’est bien
Si tu veux pas tant pis
Si tu veux pas
J’en f’rai pas une maladie

Oui mais voilà réponds-moi
Non ou bien oui
C’est comme ci ou comme ça
Ou tu veux ou tu veux pas

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2 Responses to “Weight Watchers French Commercial 2011”

  1. Howard
    March 19, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Weight Watchers has a new commercial that debuted in the states March 2012 using the song “If you Just Make Love to Me” by Git. Find the track on YouTube.

    • findthat
      March 19, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

      Sweet. I haven’t been able to find that one yet. If you have a Youtube link to the ad, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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