Walmart Commercial: Low Price Guarantee 2012

Song in Walmart commercial - Suddenly I See -

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Artist: Kt Tunstall
Song: Suddenly I See

Suddenly I See - Eye to the Telescope

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Walmart Commercial Description

2012 Walmart commercial featuring a man, and woman named Tiffany. It’s sort of a set-up “man on the street” style commercial. The man is telling Tiffany about the Low Price Guarantee at Walmart. He then takes her inside, shows her the ad, and takes her shopping. Apparently, since milk is SOO cheap at Walmart, she is awestruck. One interesting note about the ad. Before they talk to the cashier, they must have edited out the 1 hour they spent in line to get to her.

Ad Voiceover Says

That’s the Walmart Low Price Guarantee. See for yourself how much it can save you.

Song Lyrics in Commercial

Suddenly I see
This is what I wanna be

About Artist & Song

To me, KT Tunstall has always seemed as American as apple pie, baseball, and handguns. Well, she is actually from Scotland. She was adopted at 18 days old to an English family in Scotland. This song, Suddenly I See is featured on her 2005 debut album Eye To The Telescope. The song was inspired by singer songwriter Patti Smith, and was written as a tribute to her. Even if you’ve never tried to listen to this song, there is a good chance you’ve heard it lots of times. It’s been featured in movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and Blind Dating. Also on the tv show So You Think You Can Dance, The Hills, and Ugly Betty. It was also featured as one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign songs. If you’ve never seen the music video, you should check it out below, it’s pretty cool.

Commercial Dialogue

Man: “I’m here at Walmart with Tiffany, who drives around town looking for low prices. That burns a lot of gas.”
Tiffany: “Yep.”
Man: “Wanna see if this Walmart Low-Price Guarantee can help you out with that?”
Tiffany “Okay.”
Man: “Every week they lower thousands of prices, and check over 30,000 competitor prices. Check out that low price. You wanna grab one?”
Tiffany: “Grab two.”
Man: “What happens if she does find a lower advertised price somewhere else?”
Walmart Cashier: “I’ll match it right here.”
Man: “So, what’d you learn today?”
Tiffany: “Every dollar counts, and now I get to bring more home to my family.”

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