Volvo Service 2.0 Car Commercial

Artist: Chinese Man
Song in Commercial: I’ve Got That Tune

I've Got That Tune - The Groove Sessions

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See below for the full music video for the song.

Volvo TV Ad Description

Fall/Winter 2012 Volvo commercial for the Volvo 2.0 service. This service is an add on for Volvo car owners that guarantees them extra services like free software updates, roadside assistance, car rental assistance, and a personal service technician.

The commercial features a man walking through what appears to be a fancy hotel, with rolled up documents. Unbeknownst to him, everyone in the building is helping him out. Even literally rolling out the red carpet. He drops his keys, a man retrieves them and even pulls his Volvo up for him.

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Chinese Man is a french, hip-hop collective. The song that they sampled is called “Hummin’ To Myself” from 1932 by The Washboard Rhythm Kings. Here is the original recording that was sampled:

Here is the full music video for “I’ve Got That Tune” which sampled the above song:

Song Lyrics Used in Ad

I’ve got that word, I’ve got that tune
I’ve been rehearsing under the moon
But I’ve got nobody to hear my song
So I’m hummin’, hummin’ to myself

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