Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl Commercial 2012 – The Dog Strikes Back

Artist: James Brown
Song in Commercial: Get Up Offa That Thing

Get Up Offa That Thing - James Brown: Greatest Hits (Polygram)

Song In Volkswagen Commercial James Brown Ge Up

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More About Artist & Song In Commercial

The James Brown song used in the Volkswagen Commercial is a 1976 song called Get Up Offa That Thing, and is often subtitled with “Release The Pressure”. On the full album, this song is actually a continuation of another song. You know how James Brown will just be funky for about an hour straight, and it’s kinda seamless? That’s how the album is. I had the pleasure to see James Brown live about a month before he died. It was about two straight hours of seamless funkiness.

Here is a live version of “Get Up Offa That Thing”. Check out James Brown’s fantastic moustache. When you watch the video, note the audience and ask yourself: “Why aren’t they getting up off of that thing?” when James Brown’s instructions were VERY clear.

Volkswagen Beetle Commercial Description

2012 commercial for the Volkswagen Beetle. This is their Superbowl commercial, which references last years Darth Vader kid Super Bowl commercial. This VW commercial starts out with an overweight dog laying on the couch. He sees a Volkswagen Beetle speed down the street. The dog jumps off of the couch to go chase it, but he is too fat to fit out of the doggie door. While looking in the mirror, the dog realizes that he needs to loose weight.

He starts exercising by:

  • Tossing a red ball down the stairs, chasing it and then running back up stairs
  • Running on the treadmill
  • Watching a yoga video and using a yoga ball
  • Ignoring the food being dropped on the floor by humans
  • Running back and forth in the backyard in the snow, then still when spring hits
  • Jumping in the pool and swimming

Now when the red Volkswagen Beetle comes driving by, he has plenty of energy and can fit through the doggie door. He sprints and chases the Beetle and keeps up with it.

Extended Star Wars Version of the Commercial

In the longer extended version of the VW commercial, it gets all meta. It begins with people in the Star Wars cantina, watching this commercial. There is an argument amongst Star Wars characters (including Snaggletooth) whether last years Darth Vader kid commercial was as good as this year’s exercising dog commercial. When one character says, “Are you kidding? The dog is funnier than the Vader kid.” He starts to choke. Darth Vader is in the cantina (yes Star Wars nerds, he is in the cantina, I know this wouldn’t ordinarily happen.) and is using The Force to choke the guy. The victim apologizes to Vader and then Darth Vader storms off.

Song Lyrics Used in Commercial

Get up offa that thing
And dance till you feel better
Get up offa that thing
And dance till you (sing it now)

Get up offa that thing
And dance till you feel better


Here is a video about the making of this Volkwagen commercial:

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