Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl Ad – Get Happy – The Office

Artist: Jimmy Cliff

Song in Commercial: Come On Get Happy

Jimmy Cliff

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More About Song in Commercial

Volkswagen actually has the song available to download for free. You can download the song for free here

VW Super Bowl Commercial Description

I’ve heard this ad referred to as the I Hate Mondays version of the Get Happy Volkswagen Commercials.

The ad is set in a typical office. There is one man who is different. He is a white guy from Minnesota, but he has a Jamaican accent, and he just wants everyone to chill out and relax, and be happy. Once he gives some coworkers a ride in his red Volkswagen Beetle, they acquire the accent and relax as well.

VW Commercial Dialogue

Elevator guy: I hate Mondays.
Elevator woman: Yeah, they’re the worst.
VW Beetle Driver: No worries, man. Everything will be alright. Ha ha ha, yeah, mon.
Vending machine guy: Come on.
VW Beetle Driver: Don’t fret, me brother. Sticky bun come soon.
Yeah! Wicked coffee Mr. Jim!
Julia, turn the frown the other way around.
Office Guy: Hey Dave, you’re from Minnesota right?
VW Beetle Driver: Yes I. The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. The Gopher State.
Meeting Guy: So in conclusion, things are pretty dismal.
VW Beetle Driver: You know what this room needs? A smile. Who want to come with I?
Parking Lot Guy: You guys are three minutes late.
Coworkers in Beetle Don’t be no cloud on a sunny day.
Yeah, chill Winston.
Respect bossman.

That’s the power of German engineering.

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