Volkswagen Beetle Commercial 2011: High Fives

Shirley Ellis Album Cover from VW Commercial

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Artist: Shirley Ellis
Song: The Clapping Song

The Clapping Song - Because of Winn-Dixie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Beetle Commercial Description

Commercial for the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. It shows a person driving a VW Beetle and people on the street keep giving him a high five, strangers, beautiful women, children and even a team of cyclists all give the man a high five while he is driving his Beetle.

Voiceover Says
The all new Beetle, it’s back.

More About Singer & Song

Shirley Ellis is a singer who was born in 1941 in The Bronx, NY. The songs that she is best known for are more along the lines of novelty songs, like “The Name Game”, “The Clapping Song” and “The Nitty Gritty”. These songs were all written by her Producer Lincoln Chase. She retired from music in 1968.’

Here is a live version of Shirley Ellis singing “The Clapping Song” on TV:

Song Lyrics Used

right hand
Clap pat! clap your hand…
Cross it with your left arm
Pat your partner left palm
Clap pat! clap your hand…
Pat your partner right palm
And a right palm again
Clap slap! clap your hand

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