2008 Volkswagen Rabbit Car Commercial “The Thanks I Get”

Song: The Thanks I Get
Artist: Wilco

Wilco - The Thanks I Get - Single - The Thanks I Get

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Commercial Description

Two guys are test driving a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. When they discover the iPod input jack, Wilco’s “The Thanks I Get” starts playing loudly, drowning out the car salesperson in the back.

Customer asks:
So whats the rabbit got that the civic doesn’t?

About 20 more features.

Is that an mp3 jack?

Car Salesman:
Yep. You’ve got power locks.  Air conditioning. 4 wheel disc brakes. Folding split seats. Longer basic warranty. Electromagnetical power steering. More horse power.   

Announcer says:
When you get into a VW, it gets into you.

Song Lyrics from Ad

Put ourselves together and start it again     

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