Virgin Media – “Powerful Stuff” Mobile TV Phone Ad

Song: Into Dust
Artist: Mazzy Star

Into Dust - So Tonight That I Might See

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Ad Description

TV Commercial for Virgin Media, which is featured on Virgin Mobile Phones. A man is in an urban setting. Walking down stairs into the subway. Sits down in the train, across the table from a man, and pulls out his Virgin Mobile cell phone. The train then transforms into a diner, and across from him is a beautiful woman, she touches his hand. The scene changes back to the man across the table from him, then changes to a concert setting (inside the train), then a movie theater with a woman, then into the inside of a military helicopter full of paratroopers. The man then steps off of the train to find the beautiful woman.

Text On Screen

A World Of Entertainment On Your Virgin Mobile

Virgin Media – Powerful Stuff

Lyrics from Song

Still falling
Breathless and on again
Around broken in two
‘Til your eyes shed
Into dust

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