Verizon Galaxy Nexus by Samsung Phone Commercial: Circles

Artist: Electrocute
Song In Commercial: Tiger Toy

Tiger Toy (feat. The Lady Tigra) - On the Beat - EP
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Galaxy Nexus Commercial Description

2011 commercial for the Samsun Galaxy Nexus mobile phone, for Verizon. That description is a mouthful isn’t it? Android phone names are something aren’t they? Anyway, sorry to digress. This commercial features a guy in a white room with everyone he knows. They are all running to their various Google+ circles.

I’m sorry, I can’t help it. This is an awful commercial, for what is actually a pretty nice phone.

Voiceover Says
It’s your social network, all mixed together. With Galaxy Nexus by Samsung now you can organize your contacts by circles, like you do in real life. So now you choose what people see, and what they don’t. And with the speed of Verizon 4g LTE, you can chat as a group in a Google+ hangout without missing a beat. Introducing the first phone built with Android 4.0. Only at Verizon.

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