Verizon Commercial: Motorola Droid Razr – Colors

Artist: Hesta Prynn
Song in Commercial: Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix)

Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix) - Remixes & B-Sides

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More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Song In Commercial Hesta Prynn

Hesta Prynn is the stage name for a Long Island girl named Julie Potash. She began her career in the female hip-hop group NorthernState. Last year she moved to Los Angeles, where she is working on her full length debut album. On why she moved from New York to L.A., Prynn said the was motivated by a desire to change her musical style a bit, shifting from hip-hop to a more dance and dubstep sound. Also in 2010 she was the opening act for Tegan & Sara. The song “Turn It Gold”, was released in February 2011, and originally released as a 7″ vinyl single.

Here is the music video for the song “Turn It Gold” by Hesta Prynn. While the song is good, the music video apparently had a $7 budget, so they just asked her to roll around on the bed and lipsync:

Droid Commercial Description

It feels good to see a Motorola Droid without murderous robots and explosions. This 2012 Droid commercial by Verizon starts out in what appears to be a clean room full of sciency stuff. I say “sciency” because it looks like a ridiculous future movie science lab. The people in the clean suits put the phones on a little rotating plate, push a button, which paints the phones. They take off their suits, and are wearing Verizon uniforms. They walk back into the front, which is a Verizon store, and put the phones on display.

Voiceover Says

More colors. Same edge. The Droid Razr is now $199.99. Exclusively from Verizon.

Song Lyrics in Commercial

So my friend
been around
You know me very well, I’m gonna put a record on
This one. This one, don’t let it go, turn it gold
Turn it gold

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