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Artist: Jetty Rae
Song: Parody of “Hush Little Baby”

Jetty Rae

Truvia Commercial Description

A woman sits in her kitchen, staring at a chocolate easter bunny. She seems distressed and annoyed because she knows she shouldn’t eat it. She eventually gives up and eats the ears off of the chocolate bunny.

I would guess that the point of the commercial is that with Truvia, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and you don’t need chocolate bunnies. Or they’re saying that you don’t have to worry about eating chocolate bunnies because you sprinkled Truvia on your strawberries this morning.

More About Artist & Song

Jetty Rae is a singer/songwriter from Northern Michigan. Before she was a singer/songwriter, she briefly lived in Hawaii where she discovered the guitar and would get her first regular gigs at a bar called Dirty Jakes and would play while facing the ocean. She also briefly was the member of a hip-hop group (seriously, no lie!) called Soul Cronicle, which toured mainland China and the Hawaiian islands. After that, she returned to a more folk sound and recorded her first album “Blackberries”. Her current album Drowning in Grain was produced and recorded entirely by her. She had been frustrated at a lack of control over her own work, so she took recording classes. That’s one way to do it.

Here is a video of her covering the song “Pumped Up Kicks” originally by Foster The People:

Song Lyrics in Commercial

Hush little bunny don’t say a word
We used to be enemies that’s absurd
A nibble on your ear, used to keep me up all night
Now our relationship can be nice and bright
Yes my chocolate friend our struggle’s through
When I bite your head off, I still love you
Now I have Truvia and I’ve been set free
Natural sweetness from a leaf that’s zero calories
It’s easy to enjoy, it tastes really great
It helps me balance out what I put on my plate
Now I can indulge in the things I adore
I don’t have to wrestle with sweetness anymore

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