Travelers Insurance Commercial: New Bone For Christmas

Artist: Orba Squara
Song in Commercial: What I Want for Xmas

What I Want for Xmas

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Travelers Insurance Commercial Description

Christmas 2011 Travelers Insurance commercial, featuring that cute white dog again. He is walking down the sidewalk, looking in shop windows. The dog goes into the store, and comes out with a bone Another dog is hiding and is watching him walk back down the sidewalk. Other dogs are watching him walk by, all of them seem envious of the bone, some are licking their lips. These dogs start chasing the Travelers Insurance dog down the street, as he begins running down the sidewalk with the new bone in his mouth. He then hides from the other dogs as they run by. He sneaks into a backyard, and delivers the new bone as a present to a sick hound dog.

Voiceover Says
Thinking of others this holiday season. Travelers.

Text on screen
Travelers. It’s better under the umbrella.

Song Lyrics Used In Commercial

What I want this season
If you’d like to try and guess
Was something very special
I readily confess
It comes in many sizes
For any time of day
Because I ask this season
Has you here with me
La da da
La da da
Seasons holiday
On the seasons holiday
All I want this season
Is something from your heart
La da da
La da da
On the seasons holiday

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