Toyota Prius "People Person" Car Commercial

Artist: The Kinks
Song In Commercial: Got To Be Free
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Prius Commercial Description

To be honest with you, this commercial gives me the creeps. 2011 Toyota Prius car commercial starts out with an alarm clock going off. The person, who is made up of other people, turns the alarm off and gets out of bed. Brushes his teeth, and picks out clothes for the day. Then goes down stairs, eats breakfast and goes outside. The person then breaks down into individual people. They all get down and walk over to their Toyota Prius. There are several different versions of the car in the driveway.

Voiceover Says:

Toyota presents the Prius family. There’s the original one, the bigger one, the smaller one, and the one that plugs in. They’re all a little different, just like us.

Lyrics Used in Commercial
Hush little baby don’t you cry
Soon the sun is going to shine
We’re going to be free like the birds and the bees
Running wild in the big country
Got to be free to do what I want
Walk if I want, talk if I want
Got to be free to say what I want
Make what I want and play what I want

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