Toyota Matrix “Full Of Potential”

Artist: Evren
Song: Do I Go
Do I Go - I Think Not

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Commercial Description

2009  commercial for the Toyota Matrix. A black Toyota Matrix drives through a city, turning the scene to a night-time party.

Text On Screen Says:
Every day is full of potential. The All-new Matrix 0 New lower price starting from $15,705* Toyota. Make things better.

Song Lyrics Used
My generation is the one that’s gonna make it right
We do it everyday, we do it every night

I know you get it man, I know you understand
I got a feeling that you’re already in on the plan

Im everybody that you’ve ever met up until now
I wanna know the who, the why, the what, the where, the how
Do I go left
Do I go right
Gettin’ through the day
To make it to the night
Do I go up
Do I go down
Which way do I go
To not hit the ground

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