Tide Pods Commercial – Pop Goes The World

Song in Tide commercial - Pop Goes The World - By Savior Adore

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Artist: Savoir Adore
Song: Pop Goes The World

Pop Goes The World (From the Tide Pods Commercial) - Single - Savoir Adore

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More About Artist & Song in Commercial

This song in the Tide commercial is actually a remake. The song “Pop Goes The World” was originally by 1980’s band: Men Without Hats. The song was released on their 1987 album of the same name. The song is about a couple, Johnny and Jenny, who start a band called “Pop Goes The World”, but after awhile they decide that they would “make more money on a movie screen.” The version we hear in the commercial is by Brooklyn, NY band Savior Adore, which is comprised of two members: Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer.

Below is the Savior Adore version of the song in the Tide commercial. And below that is the actual music video of the Men Without Hats version of the song.

Tide Commercial Description

2012 commercial for Tide Pods. It’s a fun little commercial that begins with a woman dropping a Tide Pod into her white washing machine, which is located in her white room with all white furniture. As soon as she walks away, blue lit globes drop an a colorfully dressed woman pops out of the washing machine. We see the same scene, of someone popping out of the washer and they are titled:

  • Blue Pop of crisp
  • Green Pop of spunky
  • Pop of bright
  • Pop of chic (the room is lit up red with awesome white statue horses)
  • Pop of fresh (the washer is made of shrubbery)
  • Pop of hello gorgeous (featuring Stacy London from the tv show “What Not To Wear”)

Voiceover Says

Pop in a whole new kind of clean with new Tide Pods. A powerful 3 in 1 detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. Pop in. Stand out.

Song Lyrics Used

Pop goes the world
Everybody here is a friend of mine
Everybody tell me have you heard? Pop goes the world.

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