Target – Justin Timberlake Grammy’s Commercial – “Mic”

Song in Target Commercial: Suit & Tie (feat. Jay Z)

Artist: Justin Timeberlake

Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z) - Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z) - Single
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Target Commercial Description

2013 Target tv commercial that aired during the Grammy awards features a white room with an out of focus band in the back. Slowly, Justin Timberlake (in a tuxedo) walks up to a red microphone and he comes into focus. JT taps the red microphone, music starts playing and he looks directly into the camera and says “Oh that’s exciting.”

Commercial Text on Screen

  • The 20/20 Experience
  • 3.19.13
  • 2 exclusive tracks
  • 1 place to get them
  • #MoreJT

About Artist & Song in Target Commercial

If you don’t know who Justin Timberlake is, well then welcome to Earth. I don’t think I really need to explain who he is. The song featured in the Target Commercial is from his (at this time) upcoming album The 20/20 Experience.

Here is the audio from the Justin Timberlake song Suit & Tie. If you know of an official music video for the song, please let us know in the comments.

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