Target "More for Less" Commercial from 2008

Song: More Where That Came From
Artist: Dolly Parton

More Where That Came From - Slow Dancing With the Moon

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Commercial Description

2008 commercial for Target shows a woman w/ a giant dog. A man climbing mountain of giant toilet paper rolls. Women on an urban roof top with giant glasses of water in the background. Young boys in a bed that’s actually a giant sandwich. The visuals in the Target ad center on the “More for Less” theme.

more dinner
less dollar
more soft
less cents
more splash
less cash
more bread
less dough

Voiceover Says
“Get more for less. It’s Target.”

Lyrics Used in Ad
I wanna be your satisfaction
Be your number one
And just when you think I can’t love you any better
Well, I have just begun
‘Cause there’s more where that came from
That’s right, there’s more where that came from


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