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Artist: B.O.B.
Song: So Good

So Good - So Good - Single

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Target Commercial Description

2012 Target commercial for the Deluxe edition of B.O.B.’s album “Strange Clouds”. The commercial shows multiple televisions in a room, all showing different scenes from the B.o.B. song “So Good”.

Voiceover Says

This is B.o.B., Bobby Ray. Pick up my new album “Strange Clouds”, with five exclusive tracks on May 1st, only at Target.

Song Lyrics Used

Girl tell me how you feel
What your fantasy
I see us on a beach down in mexico
You can put your feet up
Be my señorita
We ain’t gotta rush
Just take it slow

You’ll be in the high life
Soaking up the sunlight
Anything you want is yours
I’ll have you living life like you should
You’ll say you never had it so good

More About Artist & Song

It seems like B.o.B should make a song called OutKast, since OutKast did a song a few years ago called B.O.B. It wasn’t about the artist B.o.B., it stood for Bombs Over Baghdad. Another thing they have in common is that Big Boi is featured on B.o.B.’s song “Play The Guitar”.

B.o.B, who’s real name is Bobby Ray Simmons, grew up as the son of a pastor. He played the trumpet from sixth grade, all through high school. When he was 14, he sold his first beat to a recording artist named Citti. His debut record, “The Adventures of Bobby Ray“, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Among it’s producers were T.I., Dr. Luke, and Eminem. The following album “Strange Clouds” will release in May, 2012.

Below, is the music video for the song: “So Good”

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