Target Commercial 2013 – Everyday Collection – What Baby Wants

Artist: Battles

Song in Target Commercial: Africastle

Africastle - Gloss Drop (Bonus Track Version)

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Target Commercial Description

The official title for this commercial is Ravenous. We see a woman dressed in white, ripping open a bag of Ruffles potato chips with her teeth, then opening a pickle jack with urgency, tearing apart an orange with her bare hands. Come to find out, she’s pregnant, and has ravenous food cravings. Finally, we see her opening up a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

Voiceover Says

What baby wants, baby gets.

More About Song in Commercial

The song Africastle is by the experimental rock group from New York City called: Battles. The song is the opening track from their album Glass Drop. Below is a youtube embed of the song. If anyone finds an actual music video for the song, please post it in the comments.

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