Target Commercial – 2012 Summer Beach Changing Tent

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Artist: Les Handclaps
Song: Cacti Are Delicious Fruit

Cacti Are Delicious Fruit - Ouh Ouh Ah!

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Target Ad Description

2012 summertime TV commercial, officially called “Beach Party”, for Target full of what you would normally expect from a Target ad, bright colors, and fun catchy music. It’s set at the beach, and people keep coming out of the red and white striped canvas changing tent. Beach balls burst out, people carrying a boat/canoe come out, people post for a photo, and play a quick game of badminton.

More About Song & Artist

When you first hear their music, you might assume that the Montreal group Les Handclaps are French. It’s more than just because their song lyrics are in French. They have a 1960’s French rock sound with a playful 80’s electronic New Wave twist. According to their bio, the band always make sure to travel with their most essential tools: mini-keyboard toys, iPods, and acoustic guitars.

Their song “Cacti Are Delicious Fruit” is so fun and catchy it hurts. It’s from their 2012 album called “Album Telus“. As of now, there is no “official” music video for the song, however the band released a low budget video for the original demo of the song. Here it is:

Song Lyrics Used

Un, deux, trois, quatre
Peasy breezy, sky so blue
Hit the beat move my feet and now
There’s one thing that I want to feel
Just livin’ life and take the wheel

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  1. May 29, 2012 at 6:22 am #

    Hi Matt… Thanks so much for posting this!!! And for your comments… Allow me to add a small detail… The song originally appears on our album “Ouh, Ouh, Ah!” (Amazon only has the “radio” *French* version from the “Album Telus”, which is a compilation of songs taken from Telus Communications company’s TV commercials, but both the original *bilingual* and “radio” *french* versions are available on iTunes. The lyrics were slightly rewritten for this Target ad…) “Crazy, crazy, sky so blue…” :-)

    • May 29, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

      It’s not very often that we have someone from a band comment on a post, so Thank You so much for your comment and for the additional info!

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