Target Commercial – 2012 Jason Wu For Target

Artist: Brigitte
Song: Battez-vousSong in Commercial Brigitte

Battez-vous - Et vous, tu m'aimes ?

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About Artist & Song

Brigitte is a French folk duo consisting of Sylvie Hoarau and Aurelie Maggiori, who’s debut album recently went Gold in France. According to the band, their name is derived from the fact that the name Brigitte is French, and it encompasses people ranging from an aunt that cooks, to Brigitte Bardot to Brigitte Lahaie.

If anyone knows any more information about the song Battez Vous, please leave it in the comments. Everything I can find about the song is in French. I will say that the harmonies on this song are fantastic, and since they’re singing in French, I assume they’re singing about love-making and chocolate, but for all I know they’re singing about hemorrhoids.

Target Commercial Description

2012 Target commercial promoting the Jason Wu clothing line starts out with fashion designer Jason Wu in his studio working. There is a drawing of a black cat sitting next to him. As Jason leaves the room, the drawing of the cat becomes animated. He stands up and walks off of the table and starts doing cat things. Kneading a dress thats sitting on a table, rubbing up against the sewing machine, which turns it on, running through some ribbons, and finally jumping onto a white t-shirt. As Jason Wu walks back into the room, the cat freezes. Now the t-shirt is a cat t-shirt.

Text On Screen

Mischief is in the details
Jason Wu for Target February 5

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2 Responses to “Target Commercial – 2012 Jason Wu For Target”

  1. Piper
    February 10, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    Great song…but damn they have bad teeth.

  2. Brenda Johnson
    March 10, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Love this ad, especially being a cat lover and having black cats. So neat.

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