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Volkswagen Commercial – Woofwagen

Artist: Barry Louis Polisar
Volkswagen Commercial Song: Me and You

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Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl Ad – Get Happy – The Office

Artist: Jimmy Cliff

Song in Commercial: Come On Get Happy

VW Beetle Super Bowl Game Day commercia. Everyone in the office is a little uptight, except for one guy who happens to drive a Volkswagen Beetle. He just wants everyone to relax and get happy.

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Volkswagen Tiguan Commercial – Ridin’ Dirty (In Safety)

Artist: Chamillionaire
Song: Ridin’

2012 commercial for the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV, featuring a mom driving an unlikely car. A tricked out Honda del Sol. She’s actually driving it so that her daughter can ride with her boyfriend in her safe Volkswagen Tiguan.

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Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl Commercial 2012 – The Dog Strikes Back

Artist: James Brown
Song in Commercial: Get Up Offa That Thing

2012 Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl commercial featuring a fat dog, deciding to get into shape in order to chase a Volkswagen Beetle down the street. We get to see him exercising and training to do this. The extended version of the commercial takes a Star Wars twist.

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Volkswagen Jetta Commercial – 2012 Is It Fast?

Artist: Ted Nugent
Song in Commercial: Stranglehold

2012 commercial for the Volkswagen Jetta. This ad is about growing up and how priorities change. And who better to teach us about growing up than Ted Nugent? The commercial starts out with a kid buying a bike, then we see him older, buying a moped, then he is buying a Camaro as a young man……

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