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Target Ukulele Girl Commercial – All Things Twilight

Artist: Bruno Mars
Song: It Will Rain

2012 commercial for Target, they’re advertising the Twilight: Breaking Dawn soundtrack, by having a cute brunette girl singing one of the songs from that album on the ukulele. Unfortunately her version of the song isn’t on the album. However, we have a link to the video of her singing the song used in the Target Commercial.

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Song In Target Commercial Alouette

Target Commercial – Color Changes Everything

Artist: The Delta Rythm Boys
Song: Alouette

2012 Target commercial for their new upcoming spring line of clothing, featuring lots and lots of colors. And colorful French acrobats, and possibly invading and taking over cities one by one….

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Target Commercial – 2012 Jason Wu For Target

Artist: Brigitte
Song: Battez-vous

2012 Target commercial for the upcoming clothing line by Jason Wu. The ad features a black cat that comes to life and walks around doing cat things. The song in the commercial is a great French song by Brigitte……

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