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Budweiser 2013 Super Bowl Commercial – Clydesdale Friend

Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Song in Commercial: Landslide

2013 Super Bowl ad that got me a little misty eyed, about a man and his horse, who eventually because a Budweiser Clydesdale.

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Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Super Bowl Commercial – Touch or Tackle?

Artist: Quiet Riot

Song in Hyundai Commercial: Bang Your Head

Sante Fe car commercial featuring a dream team of kid football players, about to take on a team of bullies.

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Kia Sorento Super Bowl 2013 “Space Babies” Commercial

Song in Kia Commercial: Wheels On the Bus

2014 Kia Sorento ad where a boy asks his father “Where do babies come from?”

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Taco Bell Super Bowl 2013 Commercial – ¡Viva Young!

Artist: Fun.

Song in Commercial: We Are Young*

2013 Taco Bell Super Bowl 47 ad features old people sneaking out of the retirement home for a crazy night on the town.

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Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl Ad – Get Happy – The Office

Artist: Jimmy Cliff

Song in Commercial: Come On Get Happy

VW Beetle Super Bowl Game Day commercia. Everyone in the office is a little uptight, except for one guy who happens to drive a Volkswagen Beetle. He just wants everyone to relax and get happy.

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