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JCPenney Commercial – March Is Madness Without JCP

Artist: Bobby Day
Song: Rockin’ Robin

2012 JCPenney commercial from their March Is Madness without JCP campaign. We see their spring line, and lots and lots of bright colors.

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JCPenney Commercial: Everybody Wins feat. Phoebe Cates

Artist: Doesn’t Matter
Song: Ad Agency Drivel

2012 commercial for JCPenney that features the beautiful Phoebe Cates from 1982’s movie Fast Times At Ridgemont high. This commercial has been pulled for being sexist. I think it would’ve gotten a lot more leeway if it would’ve been clever…..

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JCPenney Commercial – 2012 Nooooo!

Artist: Mozart
Song: Requiem Mass in D Minor

2012 commercial for JCPenney’s “Enough Is Enough” promotion to stop having a sale every week. They are just going to lower prices. The ad points out the frustration of having to navigate through all of the hoops people have to jump through in order to get a good price on something……

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