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Liberty Mutual Insurance – Humans

Artist: The Human League
Song in Commercial: Human

2012 commercial for LIberty Mutual Insurance, showing that we are all human and we make mistakes. Like wrecking your car, dropping your air conditioner out of a window and pouring ketchup on old ladies.

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State Farm Insurance Commercial – Song From Cheers

Artist: Gary Portnoy
Song in Commercial: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

2011 State Farm Insurance commercial featuring the song from the TV show Cheers. The ad shows bad things happening to people and then State Farm insurance fixing all of their problems with money……..

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Travelers Insurance – Soapbox Car – Dog Commercial

Artist: Andrew Simple
Song in Commercial: Make It Right Again

Another cute Travelers insurance commercial featuring a dog, who is dreaming about how nice it was having fun with the soapbox car, until it had an accident.

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Travelers Insurance Commercial – Dog vs Cat Burglar

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Song In Commercial: Be OK

2011 Travelers Insurance commercial featuring that dog again. This time, he is worried about a cat burglar coming into his dog house and stealing his bone and toys…….

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Travelers Insurance Commercial: New Bone For Christmas

Artist: Orba Squara
Song: What I Want for Xmas

2011 commercial for Travelers Insurance featuring that cute dog again. This time it’s a Christmas themed commercial, where that dog gives a bone to a sick dog as a Christmas present. This apparently has something to do with insurance….

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