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Target – Justin Timberlake Grammy’s Commercial – “Mic”

Song in Target Commercial: Suit & Tie (feat. Jay Z)

Artist: Justin Timeberlake

2013 Target commercial from the Grammys featuring Justin Timberlake. The song in the commercial is “Suit & Tie” by, well you guessed it, Justin Timberlake.

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Song In Target Commercial Alouette

Target Commercial – Color Changes Everything

Artist: The Delta Rythm Boys
Song: Alouette

2012 Target commercial for their new upcoming spring line of clothing, featuring lots and lots of colors. And colorful French acrobats, and possibly invading and taking over cities one by one….

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54th Grammy Awards Commercial for 2012

Artist: Adele
Song: Rolling in the Deep

If you don’t know the name of the song used in the 54th Anual Grammy Awards commercial, then welcome to our website, and welcome to planet Earth…….

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