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Honda Summer Clearance Event – Family Comedy Credits

Artist: Pete Townshend
Song: Let My Love Open The Door

2012 Honda Summer Sales Event commercial. The Diaz family just bought a new Odyssey and as they drive away, it’s like the closing credits of a family movie.

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Mini Car Ad – Win Small

Artist: Living Things
Song in Commercial: Bombs Below

2012 car commercial for Mini, featuring the idea that you can win if you’re small. The ad features smaller people vs larger people, like David & Goliath.

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Honda Summer Clearance Event – Opening Credits

Artist: Outasight
Song in Commercial: Tonight Is the Night

2012 commercial for the Honda Summer Clearance Event featuring Matt, the new Civic driver. The scene is set up like the opening credits for a movie.

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Lexus CT Car Commercial – 42 Miles

Artist: Lykke Li
Song: Get Some (Remix By Beck)

Summer 2012 ad for the Lexus CT hybrid car that apparently gets 42 miles to the gallon. Those miles had better be interesting.

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Buick Verano Car Commercial – Inspire Your Senses

Artist: Royal Teeth
Song: Wild

2012 Buick Verano car commercial highlighting details about the car including Intellilink and small things like the leather seat details.

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