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Mini Car Ad – Win Small

Artist: Living Things
Song in Commercial: Bombs Below

2012 car commercial for Mini, featuring the idea that you can win if you’re small. The ad features smaller people vs larger people, like David & Goliath.

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Honda Summer Clearance Event – Opening Credits

Artist: Outasight
Song in Commercial: Tonight Is the Night

2012 commercial for the Honda Summer Clearance Event featuring Matt, the new Civic driver. The scene is set up like the opening credits for a movie.

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Target Back To School 2012 – English Teacher

Artist: The Go-Go’s
Song Covered: We Got the Beat

2012 Target back to school commercial. This time featuring the English teacher, who is singing a parody of “We Got The Beat”.

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Target Back To School 2012 – Science Teacher

Artist: Thomas Dolby
Song Covered: She Blinded Me With Science

2012 back to school ad for Target featuring a parody of the song “She Blinded Me With Science” sung by your friendly science teacher in a lab coat.

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Target Back To School 2012 – Music Teacher

Artist: Cameo
Song Covered: Word Up!

Target commercial featuring a music teacher singing a song, which happens to be a parody of famous 80’s song “Word Up!”.

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