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JCPenney Commercial: Everybody Wins feat. Phoebe Cates

Artist: Doesn’t Matter
Song: Ad Agency Drivel

2012 commercial for JCPenney that features the beautiful Phoebe Cates from 1982’s movie Fast Times At Ridgemont high. This commercial has been pulled for being sexist. I think it would’ve gotten a lot more leeway if it would’ve been clever…..

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5 Hour Energy Drink Commercial – Fix The Tired

Artist: Boo Boo Davis
Song in Commercial: I’m So Tired

5 Hour Energy commercial where a bunch of depressed, defeated, sad, and tired workers have their lives completely repaired by 5 Hour Energy drink…..

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Volkswagen Passat Commercial 2012- Reclaim Your Garage

Artist: Little Joy
Song in Commercial: The Next Time Around

Commercial for the 2012 Volkswagen Passat with a peaceful ukelele song playing as a man cleans out his garage so that he can put his new can in a clean garage……

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2012 Honda Civic Car Commercial – It’s Good To Be A Zombie

Artist: The Virgins
Song in Commercial: One Week of Danger

Commercial for the 2012 Honda Civic Sedan, from the “To Each Their Own” campaign. This ad features the “Business Zombie” and a cool little song by The Virgins……

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2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Car Commercial – Date With A Lumberjack

Artist: Barry Louis Polisar
Song in Commercial: All I Want Is You

Part of the 2012 Honda Civic “To Each Their Own” campaign. This commercial features a lumberjack taking a beautiful girl out on a date. He buys her some new lumberjack shoes, takes her fishing, carves her something from a tree stump, you know, the usual…..

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