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Honda CR-V Car Commercial – Forecast

Artist: Mr. Little Jeans
Song in Commercial: Rescue Song

2011 commercial for the Honda CR-V crossover vehicle. The ad shows a woman driving her car through different weather elements, which turn out to be a 5-Day forecast, hard to explain, you just need to see it…..

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Captain Morgan TV Commercial – Ride Home

Artist: Iggy Pop
Song: The Passenger

At the bottom is a live performance of the Iggy Pop song from the Captain Morgan commercial. This 2011 commercial for Captain Morgan rum is how I guess a desgniated driver setup worked in the 1600’s. Everyone is having a party on the lifeboats, while one guy pulls them back to the boat….

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Subaru Forester Car Commercial – Sexy Sumo

Artist: Peaches
Subaru Commercial Song: Boys Wanna Be Her

Subaru Forester commercial where every Subaru comes with a sexy sumo wrestler. That’s a pretty sweet deal! …….

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Chevrolet Cruze Commercial – Proven 2011

Artist: Janelle Monáe
Song in Commercial: Tightrope

Commercial for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruz car. This ad has a great song by Janelle Monae. We see clips of a Chevrolet Cruze driving in different places all over the world……

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Volkswagen Beetle Commercial – 2011 21st Century Black Beetle

Artist: Spiderbait
Song in Commercial: Black Betty

Superbowl 2011 Volkswagen Beetle commercial featuring the little cgi beetle running through the forest, passing the other bugs. He eventually morphs into the new Volkswagen Beetle car……

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