Tag Body Spray "Keep It Fresh" Commercial w/ Jermaine Dupri

Song: I Am Him
by: Jermaine Dupri (Featuring: Q)

Unfortunately this track isn’t available for sale, however it is available to listen to in full at Tag Records website. If you find it for sale, let us know!

Ad Description

Opens with “Q” putting on a red jacket. Cut to Q walking down the street meeting up with a group of people, apparently to have a rap battle with someone. There is a large red flag behind the group and the two of them as the person Q is battling falls backwards onto the ground. Cut to a shot of Q in front of the group who is by a 1970’s red convertible with a woman on the hood. Also standing next to the car is Jermaine Dupri.


And so, Q’s freshness let to an historic victory. A patent with Jermain Dupree and the birth of Tag Records. Keep it fresh. Make History. Tag Body Spray.

Lyrics Used in Commercial

I don’t grind. I don’t sweat. I determine. I am in. can’t lose, I just win. I stay fly. I keep fresh. I am him. I can’t can’t lose.

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