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Artist: Fake Problems
Song: 5678

5678 - Real Ghosts Caught On Tape

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Taco Bell Commercial Description

2012 Taco Bell commercial starts out with a guy coming in late from a night out, and he wakes his hound dog up. He turns on a light and starts to empty out his pockets. Keys, wallet, phone, concert ticket for “Slab Hauler”, Matchbox that says “9th dimension 24hr psychic”, broken sunglasses, photo booth photo, dice, and a packet of Taco Bell fire hot sauce that says “That was fun”.

Song Lyrics Used

Five, six, seven, eight
God is good but I am great
I am delusional, I am rock and roll
And you’re not gonna take it from me, no
everybody’s clapping along

Text on Screen

Live Mas

More About Artist & Song

The song featured in the Taco Bell commercial is by the band Fake Problems. The quartet has been described as “beach punk”, which in my opinion is a very good description of the band. This song is featured on their most recent album “Real Ghosts Caught on Tape.” An interesting bit of trivia about this album is that Mae Whitman sings guest vocals on the album. You may know actress Mae Whitman if you’ve watched the TV show Arrested Development. She played the part of bland Ann. Also, actress Alia Shawkat is credited with guest vocals on the record, she played the character Maybe in the same TV show. You think I’m kidding? I’ll post a video at the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, here is a Youtube video featuring the song from the Taco Bell commercial: “5678”.

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