T Mobile Phone Commercial: "You Got it America"

Artist: Architecture in Helsinki
Song: Fumble

Architecture In Helsinki - Fingers Crossed - Fumble

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T-Mobile Commercial Description

2009 T-Mobile commercial.

Commercial Voiceover Says

Announcer says:
T-Mobile asked America: What do you want in a wireless company?
Various people, speaking to camera:

Young woman: “An unlimited plan for less than fifty bucks.”
Priest: “Unlimited texting. What you think we don’t text? We do.”
High-school aged boy, with tuba: “Unlimited calls to the ladies.”
Man on beach, pointing to the ocean: “Coverage out there.”
Young woman holding prosthetic limbs: “An unlimited plan that doesn’t cost me one of these and one of these. An arm and a leg.”
Man on tractor in wheat field: “How about cutting my bill in half?”

You got it. T-Mobile announces unlimited nationwide plans for half the price of AT&T and Verizon. Starting at 49.99 on a nationwide 3G network. Coverage you need, at the price you want.

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