T-Mobile Commercial – T-Mobile Girl’s Alter Ego

Song in T-Mobile Commercial - DJ Shadow - on Amazon.comArtist: DJ Shadow
Song in Commercial: I Gotta Rokk

I Gotta Rokk - I Gotta Rokk

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T-Mobile Commercial Description

2012 T-Mobile commercial featuring the delightful T-Mobile girl, also known as model Carly Foulkes, walking through her high rise apartment in her pink dress. She stares out the window, gets a wry smile and goes to her closet which is full of pink dresses. She rummages through and finds a black leather (with pink of course) outfit, a motorcycle outfit. Next we see her in the parking garage getting on a matching pink and black motorcycle. She puts her helmet on and speeds off into the night.

Ad Text on Screen

No Mr. Nice Girl
Time to set the record straight.
Test drive America’s largest 4g network.

More About Artist & Song

DJ Shadow, also known by his real name Joshua Davis is a songwriter, producer and DJ. He is considered an innovator in the music genera of instrumental hip-hop because of his debut album “Endtroducing….“. This 1996 album was the first album to be released using only sampled sounds, the record is even listen in the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s hard to find a review of this album that doesn’t use the word “masterpiece”. The skill DJ Shadow is most known for has to do with taking rare sounds, from his 60,000 record collection, and manipulating the samples and turning them into something unique.

Here is a music video for “I Gotta Rokk” by DJ Shadow:

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  1. John T
    June 19, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    What is the name of the song on the T-Mobile commercial that has the guy on a motorcycle being passed by a girl on a red an black commercial?

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