T-Mobile "$49.99 World" Phone Commercial

Artist: The New Pornographers
Song In Commercial : Moves

Moves - Together

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T-Mobile Ad Description

2011 commercial for T-Mobile’s new phone plans, features a girl, sort of walking through the internet. In case you’re wondering, the girl in the T-Mobile 4g commercials is named Carly Foulkes (she’s dreamy isn’t she). At one point as the T-Mobile girl walks through the internet, she even walks past the Fruit Ninja .

“Ever feel like you’re missing out on mobile internet because your smartphone plan costs too much? Well, t-mobile is here to help. With America’s largest 4g network. Facebook, gaming, entertainment, the best of what the internet has to offer, right at your fingertips. T-mobile gives you all this, for just $49.99.”

Announcer Says
“Introducing T-mobile’s best plan ever. Unlimited data, talk and text. 2 lines for just $49.99 each. On America’s largest 4g network. Now faster than ever.”

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