Suzuki Kizashi Super Bowl Commercial – Sled 2012

Artist: 50 Cent
Song in Commercial: Movin On Up

Movin On Up - Curtis

Suzuki Kizashi Commercial Description

2012 Super Bowl commercial for the Suzuki Kizashi car. The ad starts out in Alaska, or somewhere with snowy terrain where Inuit or Eskimo’s would live. We see Siberian Husky dogs preparing to pull an Eskimo on his sled. The man & wife Eskimo hug each other outside of the igloo and the man leaves on his sled for a journey. However, he returns in a Suzuki Kizashi sport car. He has his Siberian Husky dogs with him. When he returns he gets out of the car and see’s his wife.

She says: “Where is the sled?”

Song In Commercial 50 Cent

Dear 50 Cent, Can we just be friends?

He says: “I traded it in.”

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

The song “Movin’ On Up” is by 50 Cent. This song is on his album called “Curtis”. The whole thing is on Rdio if you have it. My first question for you Mr. Cent, why, in the headshot I’m looking at, why are you holding a baseball bat giving me a menacing look? Or in this other headshot, why are you pointing a gun at me? Are you trying to frighten us because you’re actually scared of one thing: Friendship? It’s okay 50 Cent. There there.

Anyway, now that thats over, if you listen to the song, you will notice samples of the song “Just Give Me Another Day” by the Motown group The Miracles. Also, do you hear the talking in the background of the song at the beginning? That is Russel Simmons talking. Here is the original recording of that:

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  1. February 5, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Love that Suzuki commercial.

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