Subaru Forester Car Commercial – Sexy Sumo

Artist: Peaches
Subaru Commercial Song: Boys Wanna Be Her

Boys Wanna Be Her - Boys Wanna Be Her

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Subaru Forester Commercial Description

2011 commercial for the Subaru Forester car, featuring a sexy sumo wrestler. It starts out with a guy washing his Subaru Forester, while a sumo wrestler is laying on the hood. Next a man is driving his Forester through a back country road, and the sumo wrestler is in the passenger seat. Next scene is a Subaru Forester receiving a parking ticket, while the sumo wrestler lays on the hood. We then see a parking lot with Subaru Forester cars with a sumo wrestler on each, eating ice cream cones. We see a woman feeding a wrestler a strawberry, and then him sitting on the hood at the beach while a couple makes out in the car. Apparently every Subaru Forester car comes with it’s own sumo wrestler. Such a deal!

More About The Subaru Commercial Song

I’m a fan of Peaches, the singer of the song from the commercial. Her name is actually Merrill Beth Nisker. And if you’re not familiar with her, her songs tend to have really explicit lyrics, disregard gender norms. Chances are, you’ve heard her songs before though, because her music has been featured in lots of tv shows and movies. One thing that I find interesting about her is that she used to be roommates with singer Feist. Sweet little Feist used to work the back of the stage at Peaches shows, she would use a sock puppet and her name was “Bitch Lap Lap”.

Voiceover Says
The new Japanese engineered Subaru Forester. Sexy comes standard.

Subaru Commercial Song Lyrics

The boys wanna be her (The boys) The girls wanna be her (The girls)

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