Starbucks Commercial – Handcrafted For You

Artist: Freelance Whales
Song in Commercial: Generator (First Floor)

Generator (First Floor) - Weathervanes

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Starbucks Commercial Description

2011 Starbucks coffee commercial featuring the song by Freelance Whales starts out at a Starbucks, showing a barista making coffee for Sue. Next we see a coffee field where people are planting coffee, the grower inserts a sign next to the plant that says “Sue”. We see time lapse animation of the coffee plant growing. Next we see a woman cranking the coffee fruits to get the seeds out and the seeds are put into a burlap sack that says “SUE”. The sacks are loaded into a shipping container, taken to a warehouse, the coffee roasted, and tested for Sue. We then see the barista making Sue’s drink. We then see her drinking her Starbucks coffee drink with the name “Sue” written on the side.

Hopefully with all of that work it took to make her drink, she didn’t order a Decaf Skinny caramel macchiato with 2 pumps chocolate, whipped cream, and brownie chunks.

Text on screen
Perfectly Handcrafted For Sue
Perfectly Handcrafted For You
You & Starbucks
It’s bigger than coffee

Song Lyrics Used

We getup early just to start cranking the generator
Our limbs have been asleep we need to get the blood back in ’em
We’re finding every day several ways that we could be friends

We keep on churning and the lights inside the house turned on
And in our native language we are chanting ancient songs
And when we quiet down the house chants on without us

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