Sony Playstation Portable "LA Plays PSP" TV Ad

Song: Bay To L.A.
Artist: The Grouch (feat. Murs)

The Grouch - Show You the World - The Bay to la (feat. Murs)

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PSP Commercial Description

Ad shows people driving around in a convertible in Los Angeles from the first person perspective of a person playing their Sony PSP. The game that the person is playing is called Midnight Club: LA Remix for PSP.

Text On Screen

  • LA Plays PSP
  • Everywhere just got better

Lyrics Used In PSP AD

Los Angeles we all can’t handle it
Some call it plastic
that’s just the half of it
Take Me to L.A.
Take Me to L.A.
Take Me to L.A.
Take Me to L.A.
I keep my hustle you know
i make it go

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