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Artist: CHAPPO
Song in Commercial: Come Home

Come Home - Plastique Universe - EP

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Sears Commercial Description

Oh man, I love this commercial. 2012 Sears appliance ad starts out with a couple pulling up to the beach in a mans beautiful old Ford Bronco. They’re having a romantic day at the beach. Running, holding hands, laying together, and looking at each other longingly. You know, the way we all spend the day the beach. As they’re running together, out of nowhere, the man literally runs into a refrigerator, and is knocked out cold. His girlfriend follows suit. I love the randomness.

Ad Voiceover Says

You won’t run into the top 10 appliance brands just anywhere. Only Sears carries them all. This is the top ten advantage.

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Chappo is an indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Members include, Zac Colwell, Dave Feddock, Chris Olson, and Alex Chappo. This isn’t the first time they’ve had a song used in a commercial. The song “Come Home” has also been featured in a 2009 Apple iPod commercial. The song was originally released on their “Plastic Universe EP“. The band’s album is also available for free if you’re an Rdio member. The official music video is below:

Song Lyrics Used in Ad

Take everything, take it all
Take my keys, take my flare, take it all
Take my shoes, I’m riding solo

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