Samuel Adams Commercial – For The Love of Beer

Artist: Tim McMorris
Song in Commercial: Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed - Overwhelmed - Single

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Sam Adams Beer Commercial Description

Summer 2012 ad for Samuel Adams beer starts out at a small brewery that is run by Samuel Adams. We see beer being poured and people, likely employees raising their glasses and toasting. We see more shots inside the brewery, of grains and hops and of people tasting beer. Finally we see a guy jumping out of a giant vat of beer. Hopefully nobody had to drink any of that. What a nice, low key commercial that’s a change of pace from most beer ads.

About Artist & Song in Commercial

Singer/Songwriter Tim McMorris is a songwriter and producer from Niagara Falls, Canada. As far as I know he doesn’t have any traditional albums out. He instead has focused his efforts on getting his songs licensed for use in TV commercials, such as the Sam Adams beer commercial. Below is the Youtube embed of the full version of his song: Overwhelmed. Apparently, it’s available on iTunes.

Song Lyrics Used

Make me laugh and show me how
Just how good this life can be
And in our moments filled with joy is where I live
Where I am free
Lay in my arms, I’ll hold you tight
Just like you like continually
And I am overwhelmed by you

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