Samsung Instinct Commercial from Sprint

Song In Commercial: Signal in the Sky (Let’s Go!)
Artist: The Apples in Stereo

Signal In the Sky (Let's Go) - Let's Go! [EP]
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Samsung Instinct Commercial Description

2010 Samsung Instinct commercial, showing someone’s hands, and we watch them use the mobile phone. We see them watch a movie on their phone, they watch the news on their phone, they buy movie tickets on their phone, they look at maps, and listen to a song by Apples in Stereo. They then turn off their light and go to bed.

Lyrics Used In Commercial

Would you like to play a game of hide and seek now?
Lets Go!

Voiceover Says

It’s my life line. It’s my a list. It’s my favorite movie. It’s my update. It’s my ticket in. It’s my way home. It’s my Instinct. It’s my world, visitors are welcome. The new Samsung, it’s for you.

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