Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone – Olympic Games

Song in Samsung Galaxy S3 Commercial - By Leftover CutiesArtist: Leftover Cuties
Song in Commercial: Smile Big

Smile Big (Short Version) - Smile Big (Short Version) - Single

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Samsung Commercial Description

2012 commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone has an Olympics theme. Showing people running the Olympic torch run. When one person meets another, they bump phones. When the phones bump, it passes the Olympic torch between phones.

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

So who sang that jazzy sounding song in the Samsung commercial? When I first heard it, I figured that was an old old song, but alas I was wrong. It’s by Leftover Cuties, who have an old time, throwback sound. The instruments that are used in their arrangements are upright bass, brushed drums, accordion, and ukulele. They’re not necessarily a throwback band, but because of their instruments, they sound like it. And they’re a lot of fun.

Their debut album is called “Departures“, and it includes a pretty awesome cover of Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface“. The album is available to listen to for free for current Rdio members. Below is a Youtube embed of the song “Smile Big”, the song used in the Samsung ad.

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