Samsung Behold: T-Mobile Phone Commercial

Song: Silly Boy
Artist: The Blue Van

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Ad Description

Man wakes up, stands in the bathroom, cellphone says he has a meeting. He immediatlly walks into the office, while there, he takes a photo of a bouquet of flowers with his Samsung phone. He buys concert tickets on his mobile phone and then leans back and falls into the crowd at the show. He meets a woman and sends her the photo of the flowers.

Voiceover Says

Amazing phone, meets amazing camera. The Samsung Behold, exclusively from T-Mobile.

Song Lyrics Used In Commercial

I might be wrong but I might be right
anyhow I know I tried
I better leave
I better leave
I better stop
I like her taste when it fills my soul
I’ll tell you something I’ve never told anyone
not anyone
not anyone

Everyone’s got a bleeding heart

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