Samsung 3D LED TV "Aquarium" Commercial

Artist: Train
Song: Hey Soul Sister

Train - Hey, Soul Sister - Single - Hey, Soul Sister

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Lyrics In the commercial

Hey, Hey, Hey, Tonight

Ad Copy (text)

Samsung Dedicated to wonder
Samsung Turn on tomorrow

Commercial Description

A Dad, Mom, and Child are at an exhibit at an aquatic center looking at the fish in the tank when dad draws a square out of the glass with his finger allowing him to take a square image from the tank.  They put the square image on the top of the car and drive it home and put the image in the TV making the 3d image come to life.  The family sits on the couch and puts their 3d glasses on to reveal the fish in the aquarium (now TV) are coming into the room from the TV.

Announcer says:
Ever wonder how amazing it would be to experience life in another dimension?  We did!  Introducing a new dimension in television.  Samsung 3D TV.  The world’s first 3D LED TV.  That’s the wonder of Samsung.

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