Rhapsody with Vzio TV “Art Of Dance” Commercial

Artist: Nerds featuring Nelly Furtado
Song: Hot-n-Fun


Commercial Description

A couple is working on a disco light in their living room and the song starts in and they begin to dance.  All the while listening to the song hot-n-fun on Rhapsody on their Vizio HD TV.

Guy says:
Girl says:
We rock out to our Vizio HD TV.  It’s got Rhapsody built right in, so we literally have millions of songs to choose from.  He’s a truly creative dancer.  He just gives it his all.
Announcer says:
All the music you want.  Just 10 bucks a month.  Now with apps that play everywhere including your Vizio HD TV.  Rhapsody, music without limits.

Lyrics Used In Commercial

Ok we wrote this for a purpose, to motivate you at this time,
Let’s get right, let’s get right‚ Let’s get right, okay (okay)
All the girls want, Hot N Fun‚ All they looking for is, Hot N Fun
Look at you, look at me, Look at you, look at me

Ad Copy

All the music you want
$10 a month
Available on the App Store

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