Pampers “With Your Help” UNICEF Campaign featuring the song “Dream”

Artist: Angela McCluskey
Song: Dream

Dream (Pampers / UNICEF) - Dream (Pampers / UNICEF) - Single

Pampers Commercial Description

2008 commercial for pampers diapers and their sponsorship of the “With Your Help” UNICEF campaign.

Song lyric sample:
“Dream. There’s a hard world out there” “Stare at the sky”

Voiceover Says
“One pack of pampers equals a life saving vaccine” “Together we can help give babies a brighter tomorrow”

This agency licenses music for advertising, tv, and movies. According to their website, the song will be available on iTunes soon, however I’m still waiting on a reply from their PR department as to the name of the original artist, which isn’t published on their site.



APRIL 8, 2008 – Yessian – NY recently partnered with Saatchi – NY, Proctor & Gamble and UNICEF to create music on a national spot for a very worthy cause … children in need of vaccines. Yessian composed an original song for the Pampers – Unicef campaign entitled “Dreams” which takes the audience on an emotional journey. With the successful completion of the “Dreams” song, Yessian has partnered with Pampers – Unicef to create an extended version that will be downloadable on iTunes (and other music services), with all proceeds going to the UNICEF program.

————— UPDATE ————-

I got a response to my inquiry from Yessian on 4/16/08:

The song is called “Dream (Pampers/UNICEF)”, it was composed by Yessian Music and sung the artist Angela McCluskey. It will be available for purchase on iTunes in the next week or two. All proceeds from the song’s purchase will be donated to UNICEF.

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