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    New Lowe's Commercial Song -  
    New 2013 Lowe's commercial featuring the song "The Best Days of My Life"
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    Super Bowl 2013 
    We say farewell to the 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

Fiat Bravo "Beautiful" Car Commercial from 2008

Song: Beautiful Artist: Sweet Vandals Fiat Car Commercial Description 2008 Fiat commercial features an Fiat Bravo elegantly coming apart and expanding in mid-air. Then as a man walks in, the car reassembles. Tagline: “Every part works beaufitully. 5 year unlimited miles warranty.Bravo from 10,995 0% interest, no deposit.” Narrarator Says: “Every part works beaufitully. 5 […]

2009 Mitsubishi Galant "More Flash Less Cash" Commercial

Song: Doing it Right Artist: The Go! Team Commercial Description 2009 Mitsubishi Galant TV commercial features two beautiful girls driving around the city in their Mitsubishi Galant, while the song Doing it Right plays. It’s interesting to me how a pretty mediocre commercial can be made so compelling by such good use of a song. Tagline: “More […]

Apple iPod + iTunes Commercial from April 2008

Song: Shut Up and Let Me Go Artist: The Ting Things More iPod Commercials iPod Commercial Description Apple iPod ad features lots of dancing people with moving pastel colorful backgrounds. Tagline: “iPod + iTunes” and then shows the Apple logo at the end. Sample Lyrics: Now oh so easily your over me Gone is love It’s […]

2008 Volvo C70 and S80 "I Adore You" Commercial

Song: I Adore You Artist: Melpo Mene Commercial Description 2008 Volvo C70 commercial features a couple walking by the Volvo C70 car as it’s retracting it’s hard convertible top. Lyrics used in Volvo Commercial: lost in a daydream of blue and i feel so free and then it’s like i fall from the sky everything i […]

Apple iPod Touch Commercial from 2008 "Music Is"

Song: Music Is My Hot Hot Sex Artist: Cansei de Ser Sexy iPod Commercial Description Apple iPod Touch advertisement  from 2008. Features the usual silhouette dancers in front of pastel colors. More iPod Commercials Song Lyrics Used in Ad: Music is my boyfriend Music is my girlfriend Music is my dead end Music’s my imaginary friend […]

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