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    New Lowe's Commercial Song -  
    New 2013 Lowe's commercial featuring the song "The Best Days of My Life"
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    Super Bowl 2013 
    We say farewell to the 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

McDonalds McBites Chicken Commercial

Artist: Nicole Vaughn
Song In Commercial: ???

Okay, I’ve never posted a commercial without the name of the song, but this time, I have no idea what the song title is. What I DO know is that the song from the McDonalds McBites commercial, where everyone is on a fun road trip together, is by singer-songwriter Nicole Vaughn…..

Chevy Sonic Car Commercial- Young & Fun Scenes 2012

Artist: Fun
Song in Chevy Sonic Commercial: We Are Young

2012 song for the Chevy Sonic featuring the song We Are Young by the band Fun. This commercial is basically a montage of attractive young people having fun and living life to the fullest……

Dr. Pepper Commercial – I’ve Gotta Be Me

Artist: Ryan Tedder
Song In Commercial: I’ve Gotta Be Me

2012 Dr. Pepper commercial where we see lots of people wearing shirts with different “I’m a…..” phrases. The commercial features the song by artist Ryan Tedder. Not everybody knows Ryan Tedder, but you likely knows songs he has written.

Google Plus Commercial – David Beckham

Artist: David Guetta
Song in Commercial: Without You (feat. Usher)

2012 Superbowl commercial for Google Plus featuring soccer player David Beckham. We watch someone doing a Google search and we go through videos of his career and life via his Google+ account….

Volkswagen Jetta Commercial – 2012 Is It Fast?

Artist: Ted Nugent
Song in Commercial: Stranglehold

2012 commercial for the Volkswagen Jetta. This ad is about growing up and how priorities change. And who better to teach us about growing up than Ted Nugent? The commercial starts out with a kid buying a bike, then we see him older, buying a moped, then he is buying a Camaro as a young man……

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